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AWS Lambda Frameworks

CSS Frameworks

CSS-in-JS Libraries

Fullstack Serverless ReactJS Frameworks

GraphQL Client Libraries

JS End-to-End Testing and Browser Automation Libraries

JavaScript 3D Libraries

JavaScript BDD Testing tools

JavaScript Build Tools, Module Bundlers

JavaScript Charting Libraries

JavaScript Date Utility Libraries

JavaScript Immutability Libraries

JavaScript Linting and Formatting Tools

JavaScript Maps Libraries

JavaScript Mocking Libraries, test servers

JavaScript Schema Validation Libraries

JavaScript State Management Libraries

JavaScript Static Types Checking Tools

JavaScript Template Engines

JavaScript Testing Frameworks

JavaScript UI Component Development Tools

JavaScript UI Frameworks and Libraries

JavaScript Utility Libraries

JavaScript Visual Regression Testing Tools

JavaScript frameworks for Desktop Applications

JavaScript runtimes

JavaScript/Node.js ORMs

Node.js Logging libraries

Node.js Monitoring tools and libraries

Node.js Process Managers

NodeJS Frameworks

React Component Libraries

React Native Libraries for Android

ReactJS Datepickers

ReactJS Document Head Managers

ReactJS Form Libraries

ReactJS Select/Autocomplete Components

ReactJS Unit-Testing Libraries

Runtime Types Checking Libraries

Static Site Generators / JAMStack

UI Frameworks for building Mobile Apps (Desktop and Web)

Unit-Testing Libraries

VueJS Component Libraries

VueJS Unit-Testing Libraries

Web Components UI Libraries

Web Sockets for JavaScript

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