Zod: Detailed Overview & Metrics

v3.22.2(about 1 month ago)

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Zod is a lightweight TypeScript schema validation library that is designed to make it easy to validate and sanitize complex input data. It provides a simple and intuitive syntax for defining a schema that can be used to validate objects, as well as a performant runtime validation engine that can validate data at runtime.

Compared to other schema validation libraries like Joi, Zod has a simpler and more intuitive API that is easier to learn and use. It also has better TypeScript support, allowing you to create strongly typed validation functions that can be easily used across your codebase.

Zod is a great choice for projects that need robust and easy to use schema validation, especially those that use TypeScript in their stack.

Alternatives: joi, yup, ajv

Tags: typescriptvalidationschemaruntime-validation