Mithril.js: Detailed Overview & Metrics

v2.2.2(over 1 year ago)

This package was last published over a year ago. It may not be actively maintained.Types definitions are provided via a separate npm package: @types/mithrilNumber of direct dependencies: 1Monthly npm downloads

Mithril is a fast and lightweight client-side JavaScript framework that is focused primarily on building single-page applications. It emphasizes simplicity, modularity, and robustness. Unlike other JS frameworks, Mithril does not require a build step and can be used with plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also has a small API surface which makes it easier to learn and use.

Mithril offers rich features like a virtual DOM, streamlining updates and re-rendering of components efficiently. It also has a routing module, making it easier to setup client-side routing in a single-page application. Compared to React, Mithril is more performant, keeping a small footprint that comes with useful components. It is ideal for developers looking for a comprehensive yet lightweight framework.

Alternatives: react, vue, angular

Tags: javascriptframeworkclient-sidesingle-pagevirtual-dom