iView: Detailed Overview & Metrics

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iView is a high-quality UI toolkit built on top of Vue.js. It provides a set of reusable and well-designed components and utilities for building complex user interfaces. iView focuses on the design and creative aspects of building user interfaces, providing an intuitive and clean interface that looks great on any device.

iView has a large collection of components that are both customizable and extendable. Some of the components include Forms, Tables, Modal dialogs, Treeviews and many more. It also includes a set of useful plugins such as datepicker, autosuggest, and input mask, among others. iView is built with a mobile-first approach, and has responsive support for adjusting to different screen sizes.

When compared to other UI toolkits, iView is especially useful for developers who require a high degree of customization in their UI designs. It offers numerous options to customize and extend components to fit your needs, while also including a great selection of pre-designed components out of the box.

Alternatives: element-ui, quasar, vuetify

Tags: user-interfacevue.jstoolkitresponsive-designmobile-first