Geodist: Detailed Overview & Metrics

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Geodist is a lightweight JavaScript library that provides a simple and efficient way to calculate the distance between two geographic coordinates. It supports various distance formulas, including Haversine, Vincenty, and Great Circle, allowing you to choose the most appropriate formula for your use case.

With Geodist, you can easily calculate distances in kilometers, miles, or nautical miles. It also provides additional features like calculating the bearing between two points and finding the closest point from a given set of coordinates.

Compared to other similar packages, Geodist stands out for its simplicity and performance. It has a small footprint and is optimized for speed, making it ideal for applications that require frequent distance calculations. Geodist is actively maintained and has a growing community of users.

Alternatives: geolib, turf, spherical-geometry-js

Tags: javascriptgeolocationdistancecoordinatescalculation