Immutable.js: Detailed Overview & Metrics

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Immutable is a JavaScript library that provides immutable data structures to help you write more predictable and efficient code. It allows you to create immutable collections such as List, Map, and Set, which cannot be modified once created. Instead of mutating the data, Immutable provides methods that return new modified versions of the data, ensuring that the original data remains unchanged.

By using immutable data structures, you can avoid common bugs caused by accidental mutations and gain performance benefits through structural sharing. Immutable data structures are particularly useful in scenarios where you need to track changes over time, implement undo/redo functionality, or optimize rendering in React applications.

Compared to mutable data structures, Immutable may require a slightly different programming approach and can have a learning curve. However, it offers significant advantages in terms of code maintainability, predictability, and performance.

Alternatives: immer, seamless-immutable, mori

Tags: javascriptimmutabledata-structuresperformancepredictability