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Evaluate and Compare NPM packages.
We combine data from multiple sources for better Software Evaluation and Comparison.
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Popular comparisons

Frontend frameworks : React, Svelte, Vue
State Management : Redux, MobX, Xstate
CSS frameworks : Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Bulma
Date utilities : Moment.js, Day.js, date-fns
Utilities : Lodash, Ramda
Charts : Chart.js, D3, Highcharts
End-to-end testing : Puppeteer, Cypress, Playwright
Node.js frameworks : Koa, NestJS, Fastify
Build Tools and Module Bundlers : Webpack, Snowpack, Vite
Static Sites Generators : Next.js, Gatsby, Nuxt.js
Documentation Generators : Docusaurus, VuePress, Docsify
Testing Frameworks : Jest, Ava, Jasmine
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