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React Cool Virtual is a lightweight and performant virtualization library for React. It helps optimize the rendering of large lists or grids by rendering only the visible items, resulting in improved performance and reduced memory usage. It leverages the power of React's hooks and uses a windowing technique to efficiently handle large datasets.

Compared to other popular virtualization libraries like react-virtualized or react-window, React Cool Virtual offers a simpler and more intuitive API. It provides a set of hooks and components that make it easy to implement virtualization in your React application. It also supports various features like dynamic item heights, sticky items, and scroll restoration.

React Cool Virtual is actively maintained and regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. It has a growing community and good documentation, making it a reliable choice for virtualization needs in React applications.

Alternatives: react-virtualized, react-window, react-lazyload

Tags: reactvirtualizationperformancehookswindowing