Parcel: Detailed Overview & Metrics

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@parcel/core is an advanced asset bundler and compiler used primarily for web development. It uses a comprehensive dependency graph analysis system that optimizes and parallelizes asset compilation and bundling workflows. Additionally, it offers zero-configuration experience out of the box and supports bundling a wide range of assets including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more.

Compared to other bundling solutions like Webpack and Rollup, @parcel/core stands out for its fast build times and simple setup process. It achieves its high performance by optimizing the generated asset bundle, which is much smaller than the competition. Also, its ability to compile multiple languages and formats, including hot reloading to development server, makes it a popular choice among web developers.

Alternatives: webpack, rollup, gulp, grunt

Tags: asset-bundlercompilerweb-developmentzero-configurationdependency-graph