Ramda: Detailed Overview & Metrics

v0.29.0(6 months ago)

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Ramda is a lightweight and pure functional programming library for working with data in JavaScript. It provides powerful functions for transforming and manipulating lists, objects, and functions with ease. Ramda is designed for point-free, or 'tacit', programming style, reducing the need for code verbosity and making the code more concise and readable. Ramda emphasizes immutability and supports partial application of functions, making it easy to compose functions and create reusable code.

Compared to other functional programming libraries like Lodash and Underscore, Ramda is more heavily focused on functional programming paradigms, making it well-suited for pure functional programming and functional reactive programming (FRP).Ramda offers simpler, declarative alternatives to many of the complex built-in JavaScript functions, making it user-friendly and more predictable.

Alternatives: lodash, underscore, immutable

Tags: javascriptfunctional-programmingimmutable-datautility-librarytacit-programming