Turf: Detailed Overview & Metrics

v6.5.0(about 2 years ago)

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@turf/turf is a powerful JavaScript library for geospatial analysis and processing. It provides a wide range of functions and utilities for working with geographic data, such as calculating distances, finding nearest points, buffering, intersecting, and transforming geometries. @turf/turf is built on top of the Turf.js library and offers a more modular and efficient approach to geospatial operations.

Compared to other geospatial libraries like Leaflet or Mapbox GL JS, @turf/turf focuses specifically on geospatial analysis and provides a comprehensive set of tools for performing complex spatial operations. It is widely used in applications that require advanced geospatial processing, such as mapping, routing, and spatial data analysis.

Alternatives: leaflet, mapbox-gl, geolib

Tags: javascriptgeospatialanalysisprocessinggeometries