jest-image-snapshot: Detailed Overview & Metrics

v6.2.0(2 months ago)

This package is actively maintained.Types definitions are provided via a separate npm package: @types/jest-image-snapshotNumber of direct dependencies: 8Monthly npm downloads

jest-image-snapshot is a powerful testing utility for Jest that allows you to easily compare and assert image snapshots in your tests. It provides a simple API for capturing and comparing screenshots of your application's UI components, making it ideal for visual regression testing.

With jest-image-snapshot, you can easily detect any unintended visual changes in your application's UI by comparing the current screenshot with a previously saved reference image. This helps ensure that your UI remains consistent across different code changes and environments.

Compared to other image snapshot testing libraries, jest-image-snapshot is specifically designed for use with Jest, which is a popular JavaScript testing framework. It seamlessly integrates with Jest's testing workflow and provides additional features like image diffing and threshold customization.

If you're already using Jest for your JavaScript testing needs, jest-image-snapshot is a great choice for adding visual regression testing to your test suite.

Alternatives: Puppeteer, Cypress, BackstopJS

Tags: javascripttestingjestvisual-regressionimage-snapshot