vue-multiselect: Detailed Overview & Metrics

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Vue-multiselect is a feature-rich Vue.js component for creating customizable multi-select dropdowns. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for selecting multiple options from a list. With Vue-multiselect, you can easily handle complex data structures, customize the appearance and behavior of the dropdown, and implement various selection modes.

Compared to other multi-select libraries, Vue-multiselect stands out with its flexibility and extensive set of features. It supports searching, grouping, tagging, and asynchronous loading of options. It also offers built-in support for keyboard navigation, accessibility, and internationalization. Vue-multiselect is actively maintained and has a large community, ensuring regular updates and bug fixes.

Alternatives: vue-select, vue-dropdowns, vue-multiselect@next

Tags: vuejavascriptcomponentdropdownmulti-select