December 2021 update

This is a December report on the progress of

Migration to VitePress

There were no major feature updates in the last two months (I skipped November update), mainly because I was busy rebuilding my website with VitePress. I also set up a blog there and published a new article "State Management: Separation of Concerns".

I was so excited about VitePress, that I migrated Moiva's blog from Hugo to VitePress as well. It became much snappier. But more importantly, I can write the blog now with Vue+Markdown and it integrates nicely into the Moiva's project.

New Tech Radar data

Thoughtworks released a new version of the famous Tech Radar. I incorporated its data into Moiva.

ThoughtWorks Tech Radar data for Vite, React Query, Tailwind CSS and Three.js

Other changes

Other less prominent updates:

  • refactored some parts of Moiva and converted them into Vue hooks.
  • new entries in Moiva's catalog
  • updated project's dependencies

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