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August 2021 update: shareable and downloadable charts, new charts for metrics in the Table

This is an August report on the progress of

Copy/download/share charts

This is the feature I’m mostly excited about - all charts now include a popup menu that allows users to copy charts to the clipboard, share charts on Twitter, and download charts.

a gif video of how the new charts menu works

The new charts menu in action

It should make it easier for users to use the findings of comparisons elsewhere.

A chart for every metric in the Table

A table view is useful for presenting static and numerical data. When the number of libraries in comparison is small, it serves the purpose very well. As the number of libraries increases, it becomes more difficult to make sense of the raw figures. This is where graphical data representation would be very beneficial.

Thinking that way, I added a small icon to every numeric metric in the Table. Clicking on the icon invokes a pop-up window with a bar chart where all the libraries are sorted by the metric’s value.

a screenshot of's new feature - a chart for numeric metrics in the Table

GitHub Stars chart

New Suggestions mechanism

When a user evaluates a library, Moiva suggests alternatives to compare.

a screenshot of how's suggestions feature works

Moiva’s suggestions

In the past, the mechanism of suggestions used Moiva’s Catalog which categorised its libraries. The process of adding new libraries was tiresome because the mechanism had several downsides:

To facilitate adding new libraries, I refactored the Catalog:

In the future, I plan to include GitHub Stars and Npm Downloads numbers, and libraries statuses to improve the sorting algorithm.

Tooltips in Suggestions

Before adding suggested alternatives to comparison, it might be helpful to glance quickly at the descriptions and other details of the libraries, such as the number of Stars and Npm downloads.

On that basis, I added tooltips to the list of suggested alternatives. The tooltips contain the following information:

a screenshot of how's suggestions tooltips work

Suggestions tooltip

“About” page

Every respectable web app must have an “About” page. And so does Moiva -

Have any feedback or ideas about the project? I’m keen to know!

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