Head-to-Head: Vue Material vs Vuestic UI Analysis


v1.0.0-beta-16(9 months ago)

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Vue Material is a UI component library for Vue.js that follows the Material Design guidelines. It provides a set of reusable and customizable components, such as buttons, cards, dialogs, and menus, that can be easily integrated into your Vue.js applications.

With Vue Material, you can create modern and visually appealing user interfaces with ease. The library offers a wide range of pre-styled components that are designed to be responsive and accessible. It also provides theming capabilities, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your application to match your brand or design preferences.

Compared to other UI component libraries for Vue.js, Vue Material stands out for its adherence to the Material Design principles and its seamless integration with Vue.js. It offers a comprehensive set of components and utilities, making it a popular choice for building beautiful and functional Vue.js applications.

Alternatives: Vuetify, Element UI, Quasar

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v1.8.5(4 days ago)

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Vuestic UI is a responsive and customizable front-end library built on top of Vue.js, designed for building elegant user interfaces. It offers a wide range of customizable themes and components such as tables, forms, charts, and graphs. Vuestic UI is highly modular, allowing you to import only the components you need and tailor your application to your specific requirements.

Compared to other popular UI libraries like Bootstrap and Material Design, Vuestic UI is more lightweight and provides a unique set of components that are designed specifically for Vue.js applications. It also offers a huge community of contributors and developers, ensuring that it is constantly growing and improving.

Alternatives: Bootstrap, Material Design, Buefy

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