Head-to-Head: styled-jsx vs Tachyons Analysis


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Styled-JSX is a library that allows you to write scoped CSS for your React components. It provides a way to style your components using traditional CSS syntax, while ensuring that the styles only apply to that component and not its children or parent. This is achieved through the use of CSS modules and a custom babel plugin which transforms the styles to a unique class name with randomly generated hashes.

Alternatives: styled-components, emotion, aphrodite

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Tachyons is a functional CSS framework that enables rapid and consistent development of responsive user interfaces in an efficient and maintainable way. It is built around the concept of atomic design, providing a library of small, single-purpose classes that can be easily composed to build complex components.

Alternatives: Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma

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Styled-JSX is a popular CSS-in-JS solution for React and has a large community following. It is widely used and actively maintained. Tachyons, on the other hand, is a CSS toolkit that focuses on providing a functional CSS approach and has gained popularity in recent years.


Styled-JSX is a lightweight solution as it is built directly into React. The size overhead is minimal compared to external CSS-in-JS libraries. Tachyons is also lightweight because it uses a modular and functional approach to CSS, allowing you to include only the specific styles you need.

Developer Experience

Styled-JSX offers a seamless developer experience by allowing you to write and scope CSS directly within your React components. It provides support for CSS features like nesting and global styles. Tachyons, on the other hand, follows a functional CSS approach, offering a predefined set of utility classes that can be applied to HTML elements.


Styled-JSX provides flexibility in terms of customizing component styles. You can use CSS features and preprocessors like SASS within your Styled-JSX styles. Tachyons, on the other hand, has a predefined set of utility classes that may not be as customizable. However, Tachyons does provide the ability to extend and modify its core atomic CSS classes.


Styled-JSX generates scoped styles at build time, leading to improved performance as styles are statically extracted. Tachyons, due to its functional CSS approach and use of atomic classes, can result in smaller stylesheets and offer good performance.


Styled-JSX has well-documented API and usage examples, making it easy for developers to get started and understand the different features. Tachyons also has good documentation with extensive examples and guides on using the utility classes effectively.