Head-to-Head: Remeda vs Underscore Analysis


v1.27.0(15 days ago)

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Remeda is a utility library for JavaScript and TypeScript that provides a collection of functional programming helpers and array manipulation functions. It aims to enhance the capabilities of the standard JavaScript array methods and provide additional utility functions for working with arrays and objects.

Alternatives: lodash, ramda, underscore

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v1.13.6(about 1 year ago)

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Underscore is a popular utility library for JavaScript, providing a variety of useful functions for manipulating and working with arrays, objects, and functions. It also includes utility functions for handling iterators, composition, and functional programming concepts such as map, reduce, and filter. Its functions provide a cleaner syntax for common operations and help avoid bugs and reduce the amount of boilerplate code needed.

Alternatives: lodash, ramda, lazy.js

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Underscore is one of the oldest and most popular utility libraries in the JavaScript ecosystem. It has a large user base and is widely adopted in many projects. Remeda, on the other hand, is a relatively newer library and may not have as much popularity or adoption as Underscore.


Remeda is designed to be a minimalistic and lightweight library, focusing on providing essential utility functions. Underscore, on the other hand, has a larger code base and includes a broader range of functionalities. If size is a concern, Remeda may be a better choice.


Remeda is modular and each function is a separate module, allowing developers to import only the specific functions they need. Underscore, on the other hand, is a single monolithic library, requiring you to include the entire library even if you only need a few functions. This can result in unnecessary overhead and larger bundle sizes.


Underscore provides a rich set of utility functions that cover many common use cases. It includes functions for collection manipulation, functional programming, object manipulation, and more. Remeda also provides similar utility functions, but the range of functionalities may be more limited compared to Underscore.


Underscore has been around for a long time and has excellent compatibility with various JavaScript environments, including browsers, Node.js, and older versions of JavaScript. Remeda is more modern and focuses on ES6+ features. If you need to support older environments, Underscore may be a more suitable choice.

Development Experience

Remeda provides a more modern and ergonomic API, with improved TypeScript support and better functional programming concepts. Underscore, being an older library, has a more traditional API and may have some quirks in its design. Remeda may offer a better development experience, especially for modern JavaScript and TypeScript projects.