Head-to-Head: react-toastify vs Reapop Analysis


v9.1.3(5 months ago)

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React Toastify is a popular and easy-to-use notification library for React applications. It provides a simple and customizable way to display toast messages to users, such as success messages, error messages, or other types of notifications. With React Toastify, you can easily create and manage toast notifications with various options like position, duration, and styling.

Alternatives: react-notifications, react-toast-notifications, react-s-alert

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v4.2.2(about 1 month ago)

This package is actively maintained.Types definitions are bundled with the npm packageNumber of direct dependencies: 1Monthly npm downloads

Reapop is a lightweight and customizable notification system for React applications. It provides an easy-to-use API for displaying various types of notifications such as success messages, error alerts, and information pop-ups. Reapop offers a range of customization options including different themes, positions, and animation effects.

Alternatives: react-toastify, react-notifications, react-s-alert

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Both react-toastify and reapop are popular npm packages for displaying toast notifications in React applications. react-toastify has a larger user base and higher number of downloads, making it slightly more popular than reapop.


Both packages provide similar basic functionality for displaying toast notifications, including customizable toast content, position and duration options, and support for different types of notifications (success, error, info, etc.). However, react-toastify offers a more extensive list of features including built-in transitions, progress bars, and support for multi-line and stacked notifications.


Both react-toastify and reapop offer customization options to match the styling and behavior of toast notifications to the application's UI. react-toastify provides more configuration options out-of-the-box and supports theming with global and per-toast customization. reapop, on the other hand, offers a simpler API with fewer options, but allows you to easily define custom notification styles and animations.

Documentation and Community Support

react-toastify has a well-documented API with a comprehensive guide and examples, making it easier for developers to get started and find solutions to common problems. It also has a larger and more active community, which means there are more resources available and a higher chance of finding community support. reapop also has decent documentation, but it may not be as extensive or active as react-toastify.


In terms of performance, both packages are lightweight and efficient. However, reapop claims to be more performant due to its architecture and optimized rendering strategy, which might be more beneficial for larger applications with many toast notifications.