react-three-fiber: Detailed Overview & Metrics

v6.0.13(about 3 years ago)

This package is deprecated: react-three-fiber has been deprecated, please use @react-three/fiber from now onTypes definitions are bundled with the npm packageNumber of direct dependencies: 1Monthly npm downloads

React Three Fiber is a React renderer for Three.js, a popular 3D library in JavaScript. It allows developers to create 3D scenes and animations using React components, making it easier to integrate 3D elements into React applications. React Three Fiber leverages the declarative nature of React to simplify the creation and management of complex 3D scenes.

Compared to using Three.js directly, React Three Fiber provides a more intuitive and familiar development experience for React developers. It abstracts away some of the complexities of Three.js while still offering full access to its powerful features and capabilities.


Tags: reactthree.js3drendererdeclarative