Head-to-Head: react-datetime vs React Suite Analysis


v3.2.0(over 1 year ago)

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React-Datetime is a React component for date and time selection, providing a user-friendly interface for picking dates and times in web applications. It offers customizable options for date and time formatting, localization, and styling, making it versatile for various use cases. React-Datetime simplifies the process of handling date and time inputs, ensuring consistency and ease of use for developers and users alike.


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v5.62.0(about 7 hours ago)

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RSuite is a comprehensive suite of React components designed for building elegant and responsive web applications. It offers a wide range of customizable and well-designed UI components such as buttons, modals, tables, forms, and more, making it easy to create professional-looking interfaces. RSuite focuses on providing a consistent and user-friendly experience for developers, with extensive documentation and support.


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React-datetime and Rsuite are both popular npm packages in the React ecosystem. React-datetime has been around for longer and has a larger user base, while Rsuite has gained popularity in recent years due to its comprehensive UI component library.


React-datetime is a specialized package that provides a date and time picker component for React applications. It offers various customization options and supports different date and time formats. Rsuite, on the other hand, is a complete UI component library that includes a wide range of components, including date pickers, modals, tables, forms, etc. It provides a more extensive set of functionalities beyond just date and time pickers.

UI Design and Customization

Rsuite offers a set of pre-designed and customizable UI components with a modern and sleek design. It provides a consistent and visually appealing UI out of the box. React-datetime, on the other hand, focuses solely on the date and time picker functionality and does not provide extensive UI customization options. It is designed to be more lightweight and flexible, allowing developers to style and integrate it according to their specific needs.

Integration and Dependencies

React-datetime has minimal dependencies and can be easily integrated into existing React projects without introducing additional dependencies. Rsuite, being a comprehensive UI component library, has more dependencies and requires additional setup. It provides a more opinionated approach to UI development and may be more suitable for projects that require a complete UI framework.

Documentation and Community Support

Both packages have well-documented APIs and active communities. React-datetime has been around for longer, so it has a more extensive documentation and a larger community of users. Rsuite also has good documentation and community support, but it may not be as extensive as React-datetime due to its relatively newer release.

Maintenance and Updates

Both React-datetime and Rsuite are actively maintained by their respective maintainers. React-datetime has a stable release and has been maintained consistently over the years. Rsuite is also actively maintained and frequently updated to introduce new features and improvements. It is important to consider the frequency of updates and the responsiveness of maintainers when choosing a package for long-term projects.