Head-to-Head: react-datepicker vs React Helmet Analysis


v4.24.0(9 days ago)

This package is actively maintained.Types definitions are provided via a separate npm package: @types/react-datepickerNumber of direct dependencies: 6Monthly npm downloads

React-datepicker is a lightweight and easy-to-use npm package that provides a reusable datepicker component for React applications. It allows users to select dates and times quickly and accurately. React-datepicker supports all modern browsers and offers support for custom themes and localization. It is built to be highly customizable and flexible, allowing developers to easily integrate it into any project.

Alternatives: react-datetime, react-dates, rc-calendar

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v6.1.0(over 3 years ago)

This package was last published over a year ago. It may not be actively maintained.The package doesn't have any types definitionsNumber of direct dependencies: 4Monthly npm downloads

React Helmet is a popular npm package used for managing the head section of your React application. It allows you to dynamically update the meta tags, title, and other elements in the head of your HTML document based on the current state of your application. This is particularly useful for improving SEO, social sharing, and managing the appearance of your application in search engine results.

Alternatives: react-document-meta, react-meta-tags, react-headroom

Tags: reactheadmeta tagsSEOserver-side rendering



React-datepicker is a popular datepicker component for React applications. It provides a customizable and user-friendly date selection interface. On the other hand, React-helmet is a package used for managing the document head, allowing you to dynamically update the title, meta tags, and other elements of the HTML head section. While both packages serve different purposes, they are highly functional in their respective areas.


React-datepicker and React-helmet are both widely used packages in the React ecosystem. React-datepicker is known for its popularity and has a large community following. React-helmet is also widely used and is considered the go-to solution for managing the document head in React applications.


React-datepicker has some dependencies, such as React and ReactDOM, which are common dependencies in React projects. React-helmet also has React as a dependency. As both packages are specifically designed for React applications, these dependencies are expected and necessary for proper functionality.

Ease of Use

React-datepicker provides a straightforward API and offers a range of configuration options to customize its appearance and behavior. It is relatively easy to integrate and use within React projects. React-helmet is also easy to use, with a simple API for updating the document head. It seamlessly integrates into React applications and provides a clean solution for managing the HTML head.

Community and Support

React-datepicker and React-helmet both have active and supportive communities. They are well-maintained packages with regular updates. The documentation for both packages is comprehensive and provides examples and guides to help developers get started quickly. Additionally, the React community is vibrant, which means you'll find numerous resources and support for both packages online.