Head-to-Head: react-date-picker vs react-helmet-async Analysis


v10.5.1(6 days ago)

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React Date Picker is a flexible and customizable date picker component for React applications. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for selecting dates, with support for various date formats and localization. The component offers features like date range selection, disabled dates, and custom styling.

Alternatives: react-datepicker, react-dates, react-calendar

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v1.3.0(over 1 year ago)

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React Helmet Async is a library that allows you to manage and manipulate the metadata of your React application's head section. The package is an asynchronous fork of the popular React Helmet package. It provides server-side rendering support and enables you to set meta tags, title tags, and other SEO-related tags in a simple and declarative manner. It also supports dynamic import and allows you to alter the head after the mount/lifecycle in React.

Alternatives: react-helmet, next-seo, react-meta-tags

Tags: reactseoserver-side-renderingmetadatahead-section



Both react-date-picker and react-helmet-async are popular npm packages within the React ecosystem. They have a significant number of downloads and a strong community support.


react-date-picker is a package that provides a customizable date picker component for React applications. It offers several features such as date range selection, internationalization support, and flexible styling options. On the other hand, react-helmet-async is a package used for managing the document head of React applications. It allows you to dynamically update meta tags, titles, and other head elements based on component rendering. Each package offers unique and specific functionality suited for different use cases.


Both react-date-picker and react-helmet-async can be easily integrated into React projects. They have well-documented APIs and provide good documentation with examples. Additionally, they have support for popular state management libraries such as Redux and MobX.

Developer Experience

Both packages prioritize developer experience. They provide a clean and intuitive API, making it easy to use their components and utilities. Additionally, they both have good TypeScript support with detailed type definitions which help to catch errors during development.

Community Support

Both packages have active maintainers and a supportive community. They have regular updates and bug fixes, ensuring the reliability of the packages. Furthermore, you can find community-driven solutions and integrations for common issues related to these packages.


react-date-picker and react-helmet-async both have efficient implementations with a focus on performance. However, the impact on performance may vary depending on specific use cases. It's important to consider the size and usage patterns of these packages in your application to ensure optimal performance.