Head-to-Head: react-cool-virtual vs React Select Analysis


v0.7.0(over 1 year ago)

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React Cool Virtual is a lightweight and performant virtualization library for React. It helps optimize the rendering of large lists or grids by rendering only the visible items, resulting in improved performance and reduced memory usage. It leverages the power of React's hooks and uses a windowing technique to efficiently handle large datasets.

Alternatives: react-virtualized, react-window, react-lazyload

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v5.7.7(2 days ago)

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React-Select is a flexible and easy-to-use React library for implementing customisable and accessible dropdown and select menus. It provides a wide range of features like multi-select, search capability, async options loading, styling, and event handling.

Alternatives: React-Bootstrap, React-Material-UI, Downshift

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React Select is a widely popular library with a large community and strong industry support. It is commonly used for building custom, accessible, and feature-rich select input fields in React applications. React Cool Virtual, on the other hand, is a relatively newer library and might not have the same level of popularity and adoption as React Select.


React Select provides a comprehensive set of features for building select input fields with various options like multi-select, async loading, filtering, custom rendering, and more. It offers a highly customizable and accessible UI. React Cool Virtual specializes in virtualized lists, offering efficient rendering of large datasets. It provides virtualized versions of standard React components like List, Grid, and Carousel, aiming to improve performance by rendering only the visible items in the viewport.

Developer Experience

React Select has a well-documented API, extensive examples, and a mature codebase. It offers good TypeScript support and has thorough documentation. React Cool Virtual also provides documentation and examples, but being a newer library, it might have a smaller community and fewer resources available. However, it aims to provide a simple and intuitive API for virtualized lists.


Both libraries can be easily integrated into React applications. React Select can work well with other React libraries and frameworks. React Cool Virtual is designed specifically for React and can be used alongside other UI components without any conflicts.


React Cool Virtual is optimized for rendering large datasets efficiently by utilizing virtualization techniques. It renders only the required items, resulting in better performance compared to rendering the entire list. React Select, while not specialized for virtualization, is still performance-oriented and provides optimizations like async loading and debouncing for smoother user experience when handling large data.