Head-to-Head: Pure.css vs styled-jsx Analysis


v3.0.0(11 months ago)

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PureCSS is a minimal and lightweight CSS framework designed to help developers create responsive and mobile-first web pages quickly and easily. It provides a collection of commonly used CSS classes that can be applied to HTML elements to achieve commonly used layout and design patterns without having to write custom CSS code. With PureCSS, you can create responsive grids, forms, buttons, tables, and more with minimal effort.

Alternatives: Bootstrap, Foundation, MaterializeCSS

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v5.1.2(8 months ago)

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Styled-JSX is a library that allows you to write scoped CSS for your React components. It provides a way to style your components using traditional CSS syntax, while ensuring that the styles only apply to that component and not its children or parent. This is achieved through the use of CSS modules and a custom babel plugin which transforms the styles to a unique class name with randomly generated hashes.

Alternatives: styled-components, emotion, aphrodite

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Both PureCSS and Styled-JSX have gained popularity in the JavaScript and front-end development community. PureCSS is a widely used CSS framework known for its simplicity and lightweight nature. Styled-JSX, on the other hand, is a popular CSS-in-JS solution specifically designed for use with React applications.


PureCSS provides a comprehensive set of CSS classes and styles that can be directly applied to HTML elements. It offers a wide range of styling options and is suitable for building simple to moderately complex UI components. On the other hand, Styled-JSX allows you to write inline CSS directly within your React components. It provides the ability to scope styles to specific components, which helps in preventing style conflicts and improving code organization.


PureCSS is designed to be lightweight and minimalistic, which means it provides a limited amount of customization options out of the box. However, it can be easily extended and customized by adding your own CSS classes. Styled-JSX, on the other hand, provides dynamic and extensible styling capabilities by leveraging the power of JavaScript within CSS. You can use variables, functions, and component props to create dynamic styles and achieve complex customization.


PureCSS can be used with any front-end framework or plain HTML websites. It provides a CSS file that can be included in your project, and you can start using the provided CSS classes right away. Styled-JSX, on the other hand, is specifically designed to work with React. It integrates seamlessly with React components and allows you to write and apply dynamic styles in a component-oriented manner.

Developer Experience

PureCSS provides a straightforward and intuitive way of applying pre-defined styles to HTML elements, making it easy to get started with styling. It doesn't require any build steps or additional configuration. Styled-JSX, on the other hand, introduces a CSS-in-JS approach, which might require a learning curve for developers unfamiliar with this paradigm. However, once familiar, Styled-JSX offers the benefits of scoped styles, improved reusability, and enhanced maintainability.


In terms of performance, PureCSS has an advantage as it uses traditional CSS stylesheets, which can be optimized and cached by browsers. Styled-JSX, being a CSS-in-JS solution, generates styles dynamically at runtime. While this provides more flexibility, it may have a slight impact on initial application loading time.