Head-to-Head: Notistack vs Reapop Analysis


v3.0.1(7 months ago)

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Notistack is a notification library for React applications. It provides a simple and customizable way to display notifications to users. With Notistack, you can easily show success messages, error alerts, or any other type of notification in your application.

Alternatives: react-toastify, react-notifications, react-alert

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v4.2.2(about 1 month ago)

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Reapop is a lightweight and customizable notification system for React applications. It provides an easy-to-use API for displaying various types of notifications such as success messages, error alerts, and information pop-ups. Reapop offers a range of customization options including different themes, positions, and animation effects.

Alternatives: react-toastify, react-notifications, react-s-alert

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Both Notistack and Reapop are popular npm packages for handling notifications in React applications. Notistack has gained more popularity recently and has a larger user base.


Notistack provides a flexible and customizable notification system with features like stacking notifications, dismissing them on click, and managing their lifecycle. Reapop also offers similar features but has additional capabilities such as custom positioning, theming, and support for multiple notification stacks.

Component API

Notistack provides a higher-order component (HOC) approach where you wrap your components with a Notistack provider and then use a NotistackConsumer component to access the notification API. Reapop, on the other hand, follows a hook-based approach where you utilize custom hooks to interact with the notification system.


Both packages offer customization options to style and configure notifications according to your needs. Notistack provides a set of default styles and allows you to override them with your own CSS. Reapop offers more extensive theming capabilities, allowing you to fully customize the appearance of notifications with CSS or predefined themes.

Developer Experience

Notistack has a simple and straightforward API, making it easy to integrate into your application. It also has good documentation and examples. Reapop also provides comprehensive documentation with examples and has a more powerful and flexible API, but it may have a slightly steeper learning curve.


Notistack has minimal dependencies and is lightweight. Reapop has a few more dependencies, which may increase the bundle size of your application. However, both packages are generally efficient and perform well.