Head-to-Head: Nano Stores vs Valtio Analysis


v0.9.5(21 days ago)

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Nano Stores is a lightweight and fast state management library for modern web applications. It focuses on simplicity and performance, providing a minimal API that can be used to manage the state of your application. It is only 1.2KB in size and has no third-party dependencies, making it perfect for building small applications and microservices.

Alternatives: Redux, MobX, Vuex

Tags: javascriptlibrarystate-managementmicroservices


v1.12.1(3 days ago)

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Valtio is a state management library for React applications. It provides a simple and efficient way to manage and share state across components without the need for complex setup or boilerplate code. Valtio leverages the power of ES6 Proxies to create reactive state objects that automatically update components when the state changes.

Alternatives: redux, mobx, zustand

Tags: javascriptreactstate-managementreactiveproxies



Valtio has gained significant popularity in the React community since its release. Nanostores is relatively less popular but still has a decent user base. Both packages are actively used and maintained.


Nanostores is known for its minimalist design and lightweight footprint, making it ideal for small projects or situations where performance is critical. Valtio is also lightweight but includes some additional features and functionality, which might result in a slightly larger bundle size.


Nanostores provides a simple and predictable state management solution with a focus on performance. It allows you to create and manage small, independent stores that can be easily composed together. Valtio, on the other hand, offers a similar API but also includes features like deep proxies and automatic batching, which can simplify the development process for complex state management scenarios.

Integration with React

Both Nanostores and Valtio seamlessly integrate with React and can be used as a state management solution in React applications. They provide hooks and utilities that allow you to easily connect and consume state in your components.

Developer Experience

Nanostores follows a minimalist approach and has a very straightforward API, which can lead to a smooth and intuitive developer experience. Valtio, on the other hand, introduces additional concepts like proxies and automatic batching, which might have a steeper learning curve but can also provide more powerful and flexible state management capabilities.


Both Nanostores and Valtio have well-documented APIs and provide examples and guides to help developers get started. Nanostores documentation is concise and focuses on the essentials, while Valtio's documentation goes into more detail regarding its advanced features and concepts.