Head-to-Head: Money.js vs Moneysafe Analysis


v0.2.0(almost 10 years ago)

This package was last published over a year ago. It may not be actively maintained.Types definitions are provided via a separate npm package: @types/moneyNumber of direct dependencies: 0Monthly npm downloads

The 'money' npm package is a versatile library for handling monetary values and currency conversions in JavaScript applications. It provides robust functionality for performing arithmetic operations, formatting currencies, and working with different currency codes. The library offers support for precision handling to avoid common pitfalls with floating-point arithmetic when dealing with financial calculations.


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v2.2.1(over 4 years ago)

This package was last published over a year ago. It may not be actively maintained.The package doesn't have any types definitionsNumber of direct dependencies: 1Monthly npm downloads

Convenient, safe money calculations in JS



Both the 'money' and 'moneysafe' packages have a moderate level of popularity within the JavaScript community. However, 'money' has a larger user base and is more widely recognized and used.


'money' and 'moneysafe' are both npm packages that provide functionality related to handling and manipulating monetary values. 'money' offers a comprehensive set of features for currency formatting, conversion, and arithmetic operations. 'moneysafe', on the other hand, focuses on providing a secure and immutable representation of monetary values, with built-in support for precision and rounding.

Ease of Use

Both packages are relatively easy to use and have well-documented APIs. 'money' provides a more traditional and flexible API, allowing developers to perform various operations on monetary values. 'moneysafe' takes a more opinionated approach, enforcing immutability and precision by default, which can simplify usage and prevent common mistakes.


In terms of performance, 'money' is known to be efficient and optimized for speed. It utilizes native JavaScript number operations and caching mechanisms to ensure fast calculations. 'moneysafe' also prioritizes performance and uses fixed-point arithmetic to maintain precision. However, due to its focus on immutability and precision, 'moneysafe' may have a slightly higher computational overhead compared to 'money'.

Community Support

'money' has a larger and more active community compared to 'moneysafe'. This means that there are more resources, tutorials, and community-driven support available for 'money'. However, 'moneysafe' still has a dedicated user base and provides responsive support for any issues or questions.


'money' is compatible with both JavaScript and TypeScript, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. 'moneysafe' is also compatible with JavaScript and TypeScript, and it provides TypeScript type definitions out of the box, ensuring a seamless integration with TypeScript projects.