Head-to-Head: mobx-state-tree vs react-async Analysis


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MobX-State-Tree (MST) is a simple and practical state management library for React applications, inspired by Redux and MobX. It uses a tree-based data structure to manage the application state, providing a clear separation between data and logic. MST encourages immutable data modeling and makes it easy to create reactive data structures. Instead of managing individual properties, it manages entire trees of data. This makes it particularly useful for building complex applications with complex data structures.

Alternatives: Redux, MobX, VueX

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React Async is a library for managing asynchronous data fetching and rendering in React applications. It provides a simple and declarative way to handle asynchronous operations, such as fetching data from APIs or performing side effects. With React Async, you can easily handle loading states, error handling, and caching of data.

Alternatives: react-query, swr, redux-saga

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mobx-state-tree and react-async are both popular npm packages, but their popularity is in different domains. mobx-state-tree is primarily used for state management in React applications with MobX, while react-async is widely used for handling asynchronous operations in React applications.


mobx-state-tree is a state management library that provides a powerful modeling tool for describing and manipulating application state in a tree-like structure. It integrates well with MobX to provide reactive updates and transactional state management. On the other hand, react-async is a library that simplifies handling asynchronous operations in React, providing hooks and utilities for managing data loading, error handling, and other asynchronous concerns.

Developer Experience

Both packages offer good developer experiences. mobx-state-tree provides a modeling DSL that makes it easy to define and maintain a normalized state tree and automatically generates typings. It also provides a strong and efficient update mechanism. react-async offers a simple and intuitive API for handling asynchronous operations, making it easier to write and maintain async code in React applications.


mobx-state-tree seamlessly integrates with MobX and is specifically designed for use with React. It provides observability, reactivity, and convenient state manipulation tools for React applications. react-async, on the other hand, is a standalone library that can be used with any state management solution or with plain React components.

Community Support

Both mobx-state-tree and react-async have active and supportive communities. They have well-maintained documentation, examples, and communities to help developers. mobx-state-tree has its own dedicated community alongside the broader MobX community, while react-async benefits from the larger React ecosystem and community.