Head-to-Head: MobX vs react-async Analysis


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MobX is a simple and scalable state management solution for JavaScript applications. It utilizes observables to automatically track and propagate changes to state, leading to more efficient updates and better performance. MobX's minimalistic and declarative approach to state management allows for easy integration into new or existing projects without requiring a complete overhaul of the application architecture.

Alternatives: redux, vuex, ngrx

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v10.0.1(over 3 years ago)

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React Async is a library for managing asynchronous data fetching and rendering in React applications. It provides a simple and declarative way to handle asynchronous operations, such as fetching data from APIs or performing side effects. With React Async, you can easily handle loading states, error handling, and caching of data.

Alternatives: react-query, swr, redux-saga

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Both MobX and React-Async are popular npm packages in their respective domains. MobX has gained a significant amount of popularity in the React ecosystem due to its simple and powerful state management capabilities. React-Async, on the other hand, is a popular library used for handling asynchronous operations in React applications.


MobX is primarily focused on state management and provides a simple and reactive way to manage application state. It supports observables, observable arrays, computed values, and actions to facilitate state mutations. React-Async, on the other hand, is designed specifically for handling asynchronous operations in React components. It provides hooks and components to handle data fetching, loading states, and error handling.

Integration with React

Both packages are designed to work seamlessly with React. MobX integrates well with React components and provides easy-to-use decorators and hooks to access and update reactive state. React-Async is built to work as a companion library to React and provides hooks and components that can be used within React components to handle async operations.

Developer Experience

MobX provides a simple and intuitive API that can be quickly understood and adopted. It offers powerful features like automatic dependency tracking and reaction-based updates, making it easy to manage complex state logic. React-Async also offers a straightforward API for handling async operations in React, with built-in support for data fetching and error handling. Both libraries have good documentation and active communities to support developers.


In terms of performance, MobX is known for its reactivity model, where components update only when their dependencies change. This can lead to efficient rendering and optimized re-renders. React-Async focuses more on handling async operations efficiently and provides features like automatic cancellation of unfinished requests. The performance of both packages heavily depends on how they are used and optimized in the specific scenario.


Both MobX and React-Async are scalable and can be used in small to large-scale applications. MobX provides a scalable state management solution with its reactivity model, allowing for easy organization and management of application state. React-Async helps in managing asynchronous operations and can handle complex async flows efficiently.