Head-to-Head: MaterializeCSS vs styled-jsx Analysis


v1.0.0(about 5 years ago)

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Materialize CSS is a modern and responsive CSS framework based on Google's Material Design guidelines. It provides a wide range of ready-to-use UI components, such as forms, buttons, cards and navigation menus, that can be easily customized to fit your website's style. Materialize CSS also includes Javascript components, such as modals and dropdowns, that enhance the user experience. This package is simple to use and integrate, making it a popular choice for quickly building visually appealing, mobile-first websites.

Alternatives: bootstrap, foundation, bulma

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v5.1.2(8 months ago)

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Styled-JSX is a library that allows you to write scoped CSS for your React components. It provides a way to style your components using traditional CSS syntax, while ensuring that the styles only apply to that component and not its children or parent. This is achieved through the use of CSS modules and a custom babel plugin which transforms the styles to a unique class name with randomly generated hashes.

Alternatives: styled-components, emotion, aphrodite

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Materialize CSS is a widely popular CSS framework that provides a comprehensive set of pre-styled components and utilities. Styled JSX is a popular CSS-in-JS solution that is often used in combination with React. Both packages have a strong following in the JavaScript community.

Styling Approach

Materialize CSS follows a traditional approach where styling is done using CSS classes and utility classes. It provides a ready-to-use set of aesthetic components with predefined styles. Styled JSX, on the other hand, is a CSS-in-JS solution that allows you to define styles directly within your JavaScript files using JSX syntax.


Materialize CSS provides a wide range of pre-styled components and utilities, giving you a consistent styling across your application. It is great for quickly prototyping and building UIs. Styled JSX gives you more flexibility in terms of styling, as you have full control over your styles and can apply dynamic styles based on props and state.

Integration with React

Materialize CSS is a separate CSS framework that can be used with any JavaScript framework, including React. It requires you to include the CSS files or use a package manager to install it. Styled JSX is specifically designed for React, allowing you to write component-level styles directly in your React components using JSX syntax.

Developer Experience

Materialize CSS provides a wide range of pre-styled components, making it easier and faster to build visually appealing UIs. It has a larger learning curve compared to Styled JSX, as it involves understanding and using CSS classes and following the framework's conventions. Styled JSX provides a more seamless and familiar development experience, as it allows you to write styles using JSX syntax within your React components.

Community and Support

Materialize CSS has a large community and extensive documentation, making it easy to find resources and support when needed. It has a long-standing reputation and is actively maintained. Styled JSX also has a strong community, with good documentation and supportive resources, although it may not be as mature and extensively documented as Materialize CSS.