Head-to-Head: Marked vs Showdown Analysis


v9.0.3(16 days ago)

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Marked is a fast and lightweight JavaScript library that allows you to parse and render Markdown easily. It supports all features of the Markdown language, including tables, lists, and code blocks, while also allowing you to customize the output with options such as disabling HTML and adding syntax highlighting. Marked is ideal for developers who want to quickly convert text written in Markdown to HTML for display on a webpage or for other purposes.

Alternatives: showdown, remarkable, turndown

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v2.1.0(over 1 year ago)

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Showdown is a JavaScript library that allows you to convert Markdown syntax into HTML. It provides a simple and intuitive way to render Markdown content on the web. Showdown supports a wide range of Markdown features, including headings, lists, tables, code blocks, and more. It also offers extensions and customization options to enhance the rendering process.

Alternatives: marked, remarkable, markdown-it

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Both Marked and Showdown are popular npm packages for parsing and rendering Markdown. Marked has been around for longer and is more widely used in the JavaScript community. It has a larger user base and more contributors on GitHub. Showdown, while less popular, still has a significant community and is actively maintained.


Both Marked and Showdown provide similar features for parsing and converting Markdown into HTML. They support common Markdown syntax, including headings, lists, code blocks, tables, and links. Marked has some additional features such as GitHub-flavored Markdown support and customizable rendering options.


In terms of performance, Marked is known to be faster and more efficient than Showdown. It is optimized for speed and can handle large Markdown files more effectively. Showdown, while still performant, may experience slower parsing speeds on larger documents.


Both packages offer flexibility in terms of configuration and customization. Marked provides a wide range of options to customize the rendering output, such as adding custom CSS classes and modifying the rendering behavior. Showdown also allows configuration options but may have slightly fewer customization options compared to Marked.


Both Marked and Showdown can be easily integrated into different JavaScript projects, including React, Node.js, and other frameworks. They provide APIs to parse and render Markdown content. Marked has additional integrations with popular frameworks like Vue.js. The choice between the two might depend on the specific project requirements and existing ecosystem.


Both Marked and Showdown have comprehensive documentation and examples that cover most of the functionalities and use cases. Marked's documentation is more extensive and provides detailed explanations of various options and features. Showdown's documentation is also well-maintained but may have slightly fewer examples and explanations compared to Marked.