Head-to-Head: Marked vs Remarkable Analysis


v11.0.0(10 days ago)

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Marked is a fast and lightweight JavaScript library that allows you to parse and render Markdown easily. It supports all features of the Markdown language, including tables, lists, and code blocks, while also allowing you to customize the output with options such as disabling HTML and adding syntax highlighting. Marked is ideal for developers who want to quickly convert text written in Markdown to HTML for display on a webpage or for other purposes.

Alternatives: showdown, remarkable, turndown

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v2.0.1(over 3 years ago)

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Remarkable is a JavaScript library that allows you to parse and render Markdown syntax. It provides a simple and intuitive API for converting Markdown text into HTML, making it easy to display formatted content on your website or application.

Alternatives: showdown, marked, markdown-it

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Both Marked and Remarkable are popular and widely used npm packages for processing Markdown. Marked tends to be more popular, with a larger community and more GitHub stars. However, Remarkable has a dedicated following and is well-regarded for its simplicity and ease of use.


Both packages provide similar functionalities for parsing Markdown and converting it to HTML. Marked is known for being a full-featured Markdown parser with support for extensions like tables, lists, and code highlighting. Remarkable, on the other hand, takes a more minimalistic approach and focuses on providing a simple and intuitive API for basic Markdown parsing.


Marked offers a wide range of options and configuration settings, allowing you to customize the parsing behavior and output. It also supports custom renderers, making it highly customizable for various use cases. Remarkable, although more minimalistic, offers a decent level of customization with options for modifying the parsing rules and direct access to the token stream for custom rendering.


Both packages are performant, but Marked is generally considered to be faster than Remarkable in terms of parsing Markdown. If performance is a critical factor for your application, Marked might be a better choice.

Community and Documentation

Marked has a larger and more active community, which often translates into better community support and more third-party resources. It has extensive documentation, including examples and detailed explanations of features. Remarkable, while not as large in terms of community, still has a helpful community and decent documentation to get started quickly.


Remarkable has fewer dependencies and is generally considered to have a simpler and more lightweight codebase compared to Marked. However, both packages have been maintained well and have a low likelihood of encountering dependency-related issues.