Head-to-Head: Little State Machine vs Nano Stores Analysis


v4.8.0(about 1 year ago)

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little-state-machine is a lightweight state management library for JavaScript applications. It provides a simple and intuitive API for managing and sharing state across different components or modules in your application. With little-state-machine, you can easily create and update global state variables, subscribe to changes, and trigger actions based on state updates.

Alternatives: redux, mobx, vuex

Tags: javascriptstate-managementglobal-statelightweight


v0.9.3(3 months ago)

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Nano Stores is a lightweight and fast state management library for modern web applications. It focuses on simplicity and performance, providing a minimal API that can be used to manage the state of your application. It is only 1.2KB in size and has no third-party dependencies, making it perfect for building small applications and microservices.

Alternatives: Redux, MobX, Vuex

Tags: javascriptlibrarystate-managementmicroservices



Little State Machine has gained popularity in the React community as a lightweight state management library. Nanostores, on the other hand, is not as widely known and has a smaller user base.


Nanostores is designed to be extremely lightweight and has a minimal bundle size. Little State Machine is also lightweight but may include additional dependencies depending on the specific features being used.

Developer Experience

Both libraries offer a good developer experience. Nanostores follows a simple API design and provides a straightforward way to manage state in a reactive manner. Little State Machine is built on top of the React Context API and provides a familiar API for React developers.


Nanostores provides a flexible and composable architecture that allows developers to easily build custom state management solutions. Little State Machine is more opinionated, specifically targeting the use case of global state management in React applications.


Both libraries are designed to offer good performance. Nanostores is optimized for minimal reactivity and allows for efficient updates. Little State Machine leverages React Context under the hood, which may introduce some overhead in certain scenarios but generally performs well.

Community and Support

Little State Machine has an active community and good documentation, making it easier for developers to find resources and get help. Nanostores, while less known, is also maintained and has documentation available.