Head-to-Head: Htmx vs Mithril.js Analysis


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htmx is a JavaScript library that allows you to create dynamic web applications with minimal JavaScript code. It stands for 'hypertext markup extensions' and focuses on enhancing the user experience by enabling seamless updates to the HTML content of a page without requiring a full page reload.

Alternatives: React, Angular, Vue

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Mithril is a fast and lightweight client-side JavaScript framework that is focused primarily on building single-page applications. It emphasizes simplicity, modularity, and robustness. Unlike other JS frameworks, Mithril does not require a build step and can be used with plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also has a small API surface which makes it easier to learn and use.

Alternatives: react, vue, angular

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Mithril has been around for longer and has a dedicated community of users. It is well-established and widely used in the JavaScript community. htmx.org, on the other hand, is a relatively newer library and has gained popularity for its simplicity and ease of use.


Mithril is a lightweight library, weighing around 8KB minified and gzipped. htmx.org is also lightweight, with a minified and gzipped size of around 4KB. Both libraries prioritize size and performance.


Mithril is a full-featured JavaScript framework that provides a complete solution for building web applications. It includes features like routing, state management, and templating. htmx.org, on the other hand, is focused on enhancing server-rendered HTML with minimal JavaScript. It provides a set of attributes that allow you to make AJAX requests and update parts of the page without a full page reload.

Developer Experience

Mithril has a well-documented API and provides a rich set of tools and utilities for building complex applications. It has a component-based architecture and supports JSX syntax, making it familiar to React developers. htmx.org is designed to be simple and easy to use. It has a minimal API and can be quickly integrated into existing projects without a steep learning curve.

Community and Ecosystem

Mithril has an active and supportive community with a wide range of plugins and extensions available. It has been used in production by many companies and has a mature ecosystem. htmx.org, being a newer library, has a smaller community and ecosystem, but it is growing rapidly and gaining popularity.


Both Mithril and htmx.org prioritize performance. Mithril is known for its efficient virtual DOM diffing algorithm, which allows for fast updates and rendering. htmx.org focuses on minimizing network requests and reducing the amount of JavaScript needed to achieve dynamic behavior, resulting in faster page load times.