Head-to-Head: Gridsome vs UmiJS Analysis


v0.7.23(about 3 years ago)

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Gridsome is a modern website development framework built on top of the popular Vue.js framework. It uses modern web technologies like GraphQL and JAMstack to create websites and apps that are fast, secure, and optimized for search engines. Gridsome provides an easy and intuitive way to build static websites that can be easily deployed anywhere, including CDNs, GitHub Pages, Netlify, and other similar services.

Alternatives: Gatsby, Nuxt.js

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v4.0.88(22 days ago)

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Umi is a highly extensible and customizable front-end development framework for building modern web applications. It is built on top of React and provides a set of conventions and best practices to streamline the development process. Umi offers a plugin-based architecture, allowing developers to easily add functionality and customize the build process.

Alternatives: create-react-app, Next.js, Gatsby

Tags: javascriptframeworkreactfront-endextensible



Both Gridsome and Umi are popular npm packages in the JavaScript community. Gridsome is a static site generator based on Vue.js and has gained popularity for its simplicity and ease of use. Umi, on the other hand, is a highly extensible front-end framework based on React and has gained popularity for its powerful plugin system and support for building large-scale applications.


Umi is designed to handle large-scale applications and provides built-in support for features like routing, state management, and internationalization. It offers a modular architecture that allows developers to easily scale their projects. Gridsome, on the other hand, is more focused on static site generation and is suitable for smaller to medium-sized projects.


Both Gridsome and Umi are optimized for performance. Gridsome generates static HTML files, which can be served directly from a CDN, resulting in fast loading times. Umi uses a dynamic routing system and supports code splitting, allowing for efficient loading of JavaScript bundles. Overall, both packages offer good performance, but the specific use case and requirements of the project should be considered.

Developer Experience

Gridsome provides a smooth developer experience for building static sites. It leverages Vue.js and its ecosystem, offering familiar tools and conventions. Umi, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive development experience for building large-scale applications. It offers a plugin-based architecture, extensive documentation, and a rich set of features out of the box. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and preferences of the developer.

Community and Ecosystem

Both Gridsome and Umi have active and growing communities. Gridsome benefits from the Vue.js ecosystem and has a range of plugins and themes available. Umi benefits from the React ecosystem and has a large number of plugins and presets that can be used to extend its functionality. The choice between the two may depend on the availability of specific plugins or integrations required for the project.