Head-to-Head: Evergreen vs react-datepicker Analysis


v7.1.9(3 months ago)

This package is actively maintained.Types definitions are bundled with the npm packageNumber of direct dependencies: 17Monthly npm downloads

Evergreen UI is a modern and customizable React component library for building user interfaces. It provides a wide range of reusable and accessible components that follow the principles of simplicity, consistency, and flexibility. With Evergreen UI, you can easily create responsive and visually appealing UIs with minimal effort.

Alternatives: material-ui, ant-design, chakra-ui

Tags: reactuicomponent-librarycustomizableaccessibility


v4.18.0(19 days ago)

This package is actively maintained.Types definitions are provided via a separate npm package: @types/react-datepickerNumber of direct dependencies: 6Monthly npm downloads

React-datepicker is a lightweight and easy-to-use npm package that provides a reusable datepicker component for React applications. It allows users to select dates and times quickly and accurately. React-datepicker supports all modern browsers and offers support for custom themes and localization. It is built to be highly customizable and flexible, allowing developers to easily integrate it into any project.

Alternatives: react-datetime, react-dates, rc-calendar

Tags: reactdatepickercomponentuijavascriptfrontend



Both Evergreen UI and React Datepicker are popular npm packages in the React ecosystem. However, Evergreen UI has gained significant popularity for its comprehensive set of UI components and its focus on accessibility and user experience.

Component Variety

Evergreen UI provides a wide range of reusable and customizable UI components like buttons, modals, data tables, and more. It offers a consistent design system and layout that helps in building visually appealing applications. React Datepicker, as the name suggests, is primarily focused on providing a datepicker component and related functionalities.


Both packages offer customization options, but Evergreen UI provides more flexibility in terms of styling and theming. It allows developers to easily customize the appearance of components to match their application's design. React Datepicker also offers some customization options, mainly related to date formats and styling.

Documentation and Community Support

Evergreen UI has well-documented APIs and provides comprehensive guides and examples. It has a growing community and active support from the maintainers. React Datepicker also has good documentation but may not be as extensive as Evergreen UI. However, both packages have active communities on GitHub and offer support through issue trackers.

Integration and Compatibility

Both Evergreen UI and React Datepicker are designed to work well with React applications. Evergreen UI is built with React in mind and provides seamless integration with React projects. React Datepicker is also compatible with React, but it can be used in other JavaScript frameworks as well.

Size and Performance

Evergreen UI is a comprehensive UI library with multiple components, so it has a larger bundle size compared to React Datepicker, which focuses on a single component. However, Evergreen UI is known for its optimized performance and tree-shaking capabilities, allowing you to only include the components you need. React Datepicker is also lightweight and performs well for its intended purpose.