Head-to-Head: Evergreen vs react-date-picker Analysis


v7.1.9(10 months ago)

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Evergreen-UI is a React component library designed for building modern and accessible user interfaces. It offers a wide range of customizable and responsive components such as buttons, modals, tooltips, and more, all following best practices for usability and design. Evergreen-UI focuses on simplicity and consistency, making it easy to create visually appealing interfaces with minimal effort.


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v10.6.0(4 months ago)

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React Date Picker is a flexible and customizable date picker component for React applications. It provides a user-friendly interface for selecting dates, with options for single date selection, range selection, and date-time selection. React Date Picker offers various customization options such as styling, localization, and disabling specific dates. It is actively maintained and regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest React versions and best practices.


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Both Evergreen UI and React Date Picker are popular npm packages within the React ecosystem. Evergreen UI has gained a significant following and is widely used for building modern and accessible user interfaces. React Date Picker, as the name suggests, is specifically focused on providing date picker functionality and is also popular among developers.

Component Library vs. Single Component

Evergreen UI is a comprehensive component library that offers a wide range of reusable UI components, including buttons, forms, modals, and more. It provides a consistent design system and is suitable for building entire applications. React Date Picker, on the other hand, is a single-purpose package that focuses solely on providing a date picker component. It is lightweight and can be easily integrated into existing projects.

Customization and Styling

Evergreen UI provides a highly customizable and themeable set of components. It offers various styling options, including CSS-in-JS, and allows developers to easily customize the appearance of components to match their design requirements. React Date Picker also provides some customization options, but it is more focused on providing a specific date picker functionality and may have limited styling options compared to Evergreen UI.

Documentation and Community Support

Both packages have well-documented APIs and provide examples and guides to help developers get started. Evergreen UI has an active community and offers comprehensive documentation, including usage examples and design guidelines. React Date Picker also has a supportive community and provides documentation specific to its date picker component.

Dependencies and Bundle Size

Evergreen UI has a larger number of dependencies due to its comprehensive nature as a component library. This may result in a larger bundle size compared to React Date Picker, which is a more lightweight package focused on a single component. However, both packages are designed to be optimized for performance and have measures in place to minimize bundle size.

Integration with React Ecosystem

Both Evergreen UI and React Date Picker are designed to seamlessly integrate with React and can be used in React projects without any issues. They follow React best practices and are compatible with other popular React libraries and frameworks.