Head-to-Head: ember-apollo-client vs Vue Apollo Analysis


v4.1.1(about 1 year ago)

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Ember Apollo Client is a powerful addon for integrating Apollo Client with Ember applications. It provides seamless integration of GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions into Ember components, making it easier to fetch and manage data from a GraphQL API. Ember Apollo Client simplifies the process of setting up a GraphQL client in Ember applications and offers features like caching, optimistic UI updates, and error handling.


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v3.1.2(5 months ago)

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Vue Apollo is a comprehensive integration of Apollo Client with Vue.js, allowing developers to easily manage GraphQL data in their Vue applications. It provides a set of Vue components and helpers that simplify the process of fetching and managing data from a GraphQL server. Vue Apollo seamlessly integrates with Vue's reactivity system, making it easy to update components when data changes.


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Framework Compatibility

Both Ember Apollo Client and Vue Apollo are designed to work with specific JavaScript frameworks. Ember Apollo Client is tailored for the Ember.js framework, providing seamless integration and a consistent developer experience. Vue Apollo, on the other hand, is specifically built for Vue.js, offering tight integration with Vue components and Vue's reactive system.


Both packages have a decent level of popularity in their respective communities, but Vue Apollo tends to have a wider adoption due to the popularity of the Vue.js framework itself.

Learning Curve

Ember Apollo Client provides a more opinionated and structured approach to integrating Apollo with Ember.js, which can be beneficial for developers already familiar with Ember.js conventions. Vue Apollo takes a more flexible and customizable approach, which may require more configuration but allows developers to align the integration with their preferred Vue.js patterns and practices.

Integration and Ease of Use

Both packages provide seamless integration with their respective frameworks. However, Vue Apollo tends to have a more straightforward setup and configuration process, leveraging Vue.js components and the Vue CLI ecosystem. Ember Apollo Client follows Ember.js conventions and integrates well with Ember's data layer, but may require additional setup steps and learning curve for developers new to Ember.

Community and Support

Both packages have active communities and maintainers. Vue Apollo benefits from the extensive Vue.js community, which provides a wealth of resources, tutorials, and community support. Ember Apollo Client has a smaller community in comparison, but it is still well-supported and has dedicated maintainers.

Flexibility and Customization

Vue Apollo offers more flexibility and customization options due to the nature of Vue.js. It supports both declarative and imperative usage patterns and allows developers to choose and integrate different Apollo features according to their needs. Ember Apollo Client, being more opinionated, provides a more standardized approach, which can be advantageous for larger teams or projects that benefit from consistent conventions.