Head-to-Head: ember-apollo-client vs graphql-request Analysis


v4.1.1(5 months ago)

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Ember Apollo Client is a powerful integration between Ember.js and Apollo Client, which is a popular GraphQL client for JavaScript. It allows Ember.js developers to easily fetch and manage data from a GraphQL API in their applications.

Alternatives: ember-graphql-request, ember-apollo, ember-apollo-client-preset

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v6.1.0(4 months ago)

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graphql-request is a lightweight and flexible JavaScript library for making GraphQL requests. It provides a simple and intuitive API for sending queries and mutations to a GraphQL server. With graphql-request, you can easily fetch data from a GraphQL endpoint and handle the responses in a convenient way.

Alternatives: apollo-client, urql, relay

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Both Ember Apollo Client and graphql-request are popular npm packages within the GraphQL community. However, graphql-request has gained more widespread popularity due to its simplicity and flexibility.

Integration with Ember.js

Ember Apollo Client is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Ember.js, providing a higher level of integration. It has Ember-specific features, such as automatic data synchronization and computed properties, that make it a convenient choice for Ember.js projects. graphql-request, on the other hand, is a standalone GraphQL client that can be used with any JavaScript framework, including Ember.js.

Developer Experience

Ember Apollo Client offers a more tailored developer experience for Ember.js developers. It provides a set of Ember-specific APIs and conventions for working with GraphQL, making it easier to use GraphQL in Ember.js applications. graphql-request, on the other hand, is a general-purpose GraphQL client that provides a minimalistic and straightforward API, which can be appealing for developers who prefer simplicity and flexibility.

Features and Functionality

Ember Apollo Client provides advanced features like caching, optimistic UI, and real-time updates out of the box. It leverages Apollo Client, a powerful GraphQL client library, to handle complex GraphQL workflows effectively. graphql-request is a lightweight GraphQL client that focuses on simplicity and performance. It provides the essential functionalities for making GraphQL requests, but does not include advanced features like caching by default.

Community and Support

Both Ember Apollo Client and graphql-request are actively maintained and have supportive communities. However, graphql-request has a larger community due to its framework-agnostic nature. It benefits from the broader GraphQL ecosystem and has extensive documentation and community resources available.