Head-to-Head: Element Plus vs Vuetify Analysis


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Element Plus is a Vue.js UI library that provides a set of high-quality and customizable components for building modern web applications. It is a fork of the popular Element UI library, with a focus on improving performance, accessibility, and developer experience. Element Plus offers a wide range of components such as buttons, forms, tables, and dialogs, along with themes and plugins to enhance the user interface.


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Vuetify is a popular Vue.js component framework for building responsive and attractive web applications. It provides a wide range of pre-built components following Google's Material Design guidelines, making it easy to create visually appealing interfaces. Vuetify offers a rich set of customizable components like buttons, cards, dialogs, and more, along with built-in support for themes and dark mode.


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Both Element Plus and Vuetify are popular UI component libraries for Vue.js. Vuetify has been around for longer and has a larger community and user base. It is widely adopted and has a strong presence in the Vue ecosystem. Element Plus, while relatively newer, has gained significant popularity and has a growing community.

Design and Theming

Vuetify follows the Material Design guidelines and provides a wide range of pre-built and customizable components with a consistent look and feel. It has a rich theming system that allows easy customization of the design to match the application's branding. Element Plus, on the other hand, also provides a modern and visually appealing design, but it offers more flexibility in terms of theming and allows developers to build custom designs more easily.

Component Set

Vuetify provides a comprehensive set of components out-of-the-box, covering almost all common UI elements needed for building complex applications. It includes components like grids, lists, forms, dialogs, menus, etc. Element Plus also offers a wide range of components similar to Vuetify, but it has a more minimalistic approach and focuses on essential components, allowing developers to keep the bundle size smaller and integrate only the necessary components.

Customization and Extensibility

Both libraries offer options for customization and extensibility. Vuetify provides many options to customize the appearance, behavior, and layout of its components. It also allows for the creation of custom components and themes. Element Plus takes a more flexible approach to customization and allows developers to override styles without modifying the original source code. It also provides a plugin system that allows for easy extension and integration of custom components.

Integration with Vue Ecosystem

Vuetify has a strong integration with Vue's ecosystem and aligns closely with Vue's philosophy. It provides seamless integration with Vue Router, Vuex, and other Vue plugins and tools. Element Plus follows a similar philosophy and offers good integration with Vue, allowing developers to leverage the capabilities of the Vue ecosystem easily.

Documentation and Community Support

Both libraries have well-documented APIs and provide extensive examples and guides. Vuetify, being more established, has a more mature and comprehensive documentation with a large community behind it. Element Plus also has good documentation with a growing community and active support.