Head-to-Head: Easy Peasy vs react-async Analysis


v6.0.3(16 days ago)

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Easy Peasy is a simple and lightweight state management library for React applications. It provides a Redux-like API with a minimalistic approach, making it easy to manage and update application state. With Easy Peasy, you can define your state, actions, and selectors in a single file, reducing the boilerplate code typically associated with state management.

Alternatives: redux, mobx, zustand

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v10.0.1(over 3 years ago)

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React Async is a library for managing asynchronous data fetching and rendering in React applications. It provides a simple and declarative way to handle asynchronous operations, such as fetching data from APIs or performing side effects. With React Async, you can easily handle loading states, error handling, and caching of data.

Alternatives: react-query, swr, redux-saga

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Both Easy Peasy and React Async are popular npm packages in the React community. Easy Peasy has gained significant popularity as a state management solution for React applications, while React Async is widely used for handling asynchronous operations in React components.


Easy Peasy is a state management library that follows a simplified approach, providing a Redux-like experience with less boilerplate. It offers features like global state management, computed properties, type safety, and actions for easy state updates. React Async, on the other hand, focuses on handling asynchronous actions in React components, supporting features like data fetching, lazy loading, error handling, and more.

Integration with React

Both Easy Peasy and React Async are built specifically for React applications. Easy Peasy seamlessly integrates with React components and provides hooks and decorators for accessing and updating state. React Async integrates well with React components and supports rendering components based on the current async state, handling loading, success, and error states.

Developer Experience

Easy Peasy provides a simple API and has good documentation, making it relatively easy for developers to understand and use. It leverages TypeScript for type safety and provides good tooling support. React Async also offers a straightforward API and is easy to set up and use. It provides comprehensive documentation with examples, making it easy for developers to implement and manage asynchronous operations in their React components.

Community Support

Both packages have active communities that provide support and contribute to their development. Easy Peasy has a growing community and has gained popularity as an alternative to complex state management solutions like Redux. React Async is also well-maintained and has a growing community of developers who use and contribute to the package.


In terms of performance, both Easy Peasy and React Async aim to be efficient. Easy Peasy focuses on optimizing state management in React applications. React Async is designed to handle asynchronous operations in a performant manner, offering features like request cancellation and smart batching to improve performance.