Head-to-Head: Decimal.js vs Moneysafe Analysis


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Decimal.js is a JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic. It provides accurate and reliable arithmetic operations on decimal numbers, avoiding common floating-point errors. Decimal.js is particularly useful for financial and scientific applications where precision is crucial.


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Convenient, safe money calculations in JS



Decimal.js is a widely adopted library for precise decimal arithmetic in JavaScript. It has a large user base and active community support. On the other hand, Moneysafe appears to be a lesser-known package with a smaller user base and less community support.


Decimal.js is specifically designed for handling precise decimal arithmetic operations, providing methods for performing calculations with arbitrary precision. It supports various mathematical operations, rounding, and customizable precision settings. Moneysafe, on the other hand, seems to focus on money-related operations specifically, such as currency conversions, formatting, and calculations.

Ease of Use

Decimal.js offers a straightforward API and is easy to integrate into existing projects. It is well-documented with examples, making it user-friendly. Moneysafe also strives for simplicity and ease of use, with intuitive methods and a focus on providing clear and concise syntax for money-related operations.


Decimal.js is known for its performance, as it utilizes efficient algorithms for decimal calculations. It offers a balance between precision and speed. The performance characteristics of Moneysafe are not readily available, as it is a relatively unknown package.

Active Development

Decimal.js has seen regular updates and maintenance, ensuring that it remains compatible with modern JavaScript standards and addressing any reported issues. The development status of Moneysafe is unclear, as there is limited information available about its maintenance and updates.

Community Support

Decimal.js benefits from an active community that provides support, bug fixes, and feature requests. The package has a significant number of GitHub stars and a well-established presence on package registries. Moneysafe, being lesser-known, may have limited community support and resources available.