Head-to-Head: Currency.js vs Math.js Analysis


v2.0.4(over 2 years ago)

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Currency.js is a lightweight library for working with currency values in JavaScript. It can parse, format and perform calculations with currencies, ensuring that you always have accurate and localized results. Currency.js works with a variety of currencies and has robust rounding and precision options. It is built to be compatible with other libraries, making it a versatile option for any project.

Alternatives: big.js, accounting.js

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v12.1.0(14 days ago)

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Math.js is a comprehensive mathematics library for JavaScript that provides a wide range of mathematical functions and capabilities. It allows you to perform complex mathematical operations, including algebraic expressions, matrix operations, statistical calculations, and more. Math.js supports both numerical and symbolic computations, making it suitable for a variety of mathematical applications.

Alternatives: NumPy, MATLAB, math.js

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Both currency.js and mathjs are popular npm packages in their respective domains. Currency.js is widely used for currency formatting and conversion, while mathjs is popular for advanced mathematical operations.


Currency.js is specifically designed for handling currencies and provides a simple and intuitive API for formatting, manipulating, and converting currencies. It offers features like currency formatting, precision handling, and arithmetic operations. Mathjs, on the other hand, is a more general-purpose math library that provides a wide range of mathematical functions, expressions, and linear algebra operations.

Ease of Use

Currency.js is relatively easy to use and has a more user-friendly API, specifically tailored for currency operations. It focuses on providing a straightforward and intuitive syntax for dealing with currencies. Mathjs, being a more comprehensive math library, has a steeper learning curve and may require more effort to fully leverage its features and capabilities.


Currency.js is optimized for currency-specific operations and performs well for currency formatting and basic arithmetic. Mathjs, being a more general-purpose math library, can handle complex mathematical operations and expressions, but may have slightly lower performance compared to specialized currency libraries like Currency.js.

Community Support

Both currency.js and mathjs have active communities and are frequently updated. They have extensive documentation, examples, and support for common use cases. However, mathjs has a larger community and ecosystem due to its wide range of math capabilities.


Both packages can be easily integrated into JavaScript and TypeScript projects. Currency.js provides a standalone solution that can be used with or without frameworks, while mathjs can be used as a standalone library or integrated with frameworks like React or Angular.