Head-to-Head: Constate vs use-http Analysis


v3.3.2(over 1 year ago)

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Constate is a JavaScript library that provides an easy way to create and consume context in React. It helps manage application state by enabling you to define context and its associated reducers in one place. With constate, you can create reusable and composable state management logic that can be used across multiple components and even across different React applications.

Alternatives: redux, MobX, React context API

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v1.0.28(5 months ago)

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use-http is a lightweight and flexible React hook for making HTTP requests. It provides a simple and intuitive API for performing GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and other HTTP methods. With use-http, you can easily fetch data from APIs, handle loading and error states, and manage request cancellation.

Alternatives: axios, fetch, react-query

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Both Constate and use-http are popular npm packages, but Constate has a larger following and is widely used in the React community.


Constate is a state management library specifically designed for React, offering a clean and simple API to create and consume context state. It focuses on component hierarchy and dependency injection. On the other hand, use-http is an HTTP request library that provides hooks to easily make HTTP requests and handle responses in React components.

Developer Experience

Both libraries aim to improve developer experience. Constate simplifies and centralizes state management in React applications, making it easy to reason about and share state. use-http simplifies the process of making HTTP requests in React components by providing a set of hooks with intuitive API. Both libraries have good documentation and are generally considered easy to use.


Constate can be seamlessly integrated into existing React applications, providing a convenient way to manage and share state across components. use-http can also be easily integrated with React applications, allowing developers to handle HTTP requests and responses within their components without much effort.

Community and Support

Constate has an active and supportive community, with regular updates and bug fixes. It is maintained by skilled developers and has a dedicated GitHub repository for issue tracking and community discussions. use-http also has an active community, although it may be relatively smaller compared to Constate. It is actively maintained and the maintainers are responsive to issues and feature requests.