Head-to-Head: Consola vs Pino Analysis


v3.2.3(3 months ago)

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Consola is a modern and highly configurable logger for Node.js and browser applications. It offers a simple yet powerful API that allows you to log messages with different levels such as debug, info, warn, and error. Consola also provides detailed stack traces for errors and supports colorful output. One of its unique features is the ability to group related log messages, making it easy to distinguish between them and navigate through your logs.

Alternatives: winston, bunyan, pino

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v8.15.4(about 23 hours ago)

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Pino is a fast and low-overhead logging library for Node.js applications. It is designed to be extremely efficient and performant, making it ideal for high-throughput and production-grade logging. Pino supports various log levels, including trace, debug, info, warn, error, and fatal, allowing you to easily categorize and filter log messages based on their severity.

Alternatives: winston, bunyan, log4js

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Both Consola and Pino are popular npm packages for logging in the Node.js ecosystem. However, Pino has gained more popularity and recognition in recent years due to its performance and efficiency, while Consola is known for its simplicity and developer-friendly features.


In terms of size, Consola is a lightweight logging library with minimal dependencies. Pino, on the other hand, is also lightweight but has a slightly larger codebase due to its extensive feature set and flexibility.

Logging Features

Consola provides a simple and intuitive API with basic logging features such as logging levels, custom log levels, and colorized output. It also supports customizable formatters and includes built-in support for logging to the console and file. Pino, on the other hand, offers similar logging features but stands out by providing extremely fast and highly scalable logging capabilities. It supports various log levels, log filtering, log transport options, and supports logging to multiple destinations simultaneously.


When it comes to performance, Pino is known for its exceptional speed and low overhead. It has been benchmarked as one of the fastest logging libraries available for Node.js. Consola is also performant but may not match the same level of speed and efficiency offered by Pino.

Integration and Ecosystem

Both Consola and Pino are well-integrated with popular frameworks and libraries. Consola has good integration with Vue.js and provides additional features specific to Vue development, such as component name logging. Pino, on the other hand, has extensive integrations with various frameworks and libraries, making it a versatile choice for logging in different environments.

Developer Experience

Consola aims to provide a great developer experience with its user-friendly API, meaningful log output, and colorized formatting. It also includes helpful features like log levels with different symbols and timestamps. Pino focuses on providing a flexible and customizable logging experience with the ability to extend and modify its functionality as per the developer's requirements. Both packages are well-documented and have active communities.