Head-to-Head: Caterpillar vs Roarr Analysis


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Caterpillar is the ultimate logging system for Deno, Node.js, and Web Browsers. Log levels are implemented to the RFC standard. Log entries can be filtered and piped to various streams, including coloured output to the terminal, the browser's console, and


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Roarr is a lightweight and efficient logging library for Node.js and browsers. It focuses on providing structured and JSON-based logging output, making it easier to analyze and process logs programmatically. Roarr supports log levels, custom contexts, and log message formatting, allowing developers to customize their logging experience. It also offers a simple and intuitive API for logging messages with different levels of severity.


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Both Caterpillar and Roarr are relatively lesser-known npm packages in comparison to more popular logging libraries like Winston or Bunyan. However, Caterpillar has a slightly larger user base and more downloads on npm compared to Roarr.


Caterpillar is a flexible and extensible logging library that provides various features such as log levels, log formatting, log filtering, and multiple transports. It supports different output formats and allows customization. Roarr, on the other hand, is a lightweight and minimalistic logging library that focuses on structured logging. It provides a simple API for logging and supports log levels and log context.


Both Caterpillar and Roarr are designed to be performant, but Caterpillar has a slight advantage in terms of performance due to its optimized implementation. However, the performance difference may not be significant for most use cases.

Developer Experience

Caterpillar has a more mature and well-documented API, making it easier for developers to use and configure. It provides comprehensive documentation and examples. Roarr, on the other hand, has a simpler API and fewer configuration options, which can be beneficial for developers who prefer a lightweight and straightforward logging solution.

Community and Maintenance

Both Caterpillar and Roarr have active communities and are actively maintained. However, Caterpillar has a larger community and more contributors, which indicates better community support and a higher likelihood of bug fixes and updates in the future.