Head-to-Head: Bunyan vs Consola Analysis


v1.8.15(over 2 years ago)

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Bunyan is a simple and fast JSON logging library for node.js services and applications. It provides a simple API and produces structured logs that can be easily parsed by computer systems. This makes debugging and analysis of logs much easier and efficient.

Alternatives: pino, winston, log4js

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v3.2.3(3 months ago)

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Consola is a modern and highly configurable logger for Node.js and browser applications. It offers a simple yet powerful API that allows you to log messages with different levels such as debug, info, warn, and error. Consola also provides detailed stack traces for errors and supports colorful output. One of its unique features is the ability to group related log messages, making it easy to distinguish between them and navigate through your logs.

Alternatives: winston, bunyan, pino

Tags: javascriptloggernode.jsbrowserdebugging



Bunyan and Consola are both popular logging libraries in the JavaScript ecosystem. However, Bunyan has been around for a longer time and has a larger user base and community support.

Ease of Use

Consola is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It provides a clean and intuitive API, making it easier for developers to set up and configure logging. Bunyan, although powerful, has a steeper learning curve and requires more configuration.


Both Bunyan and Consola offer a range of features for logging. Bunyan provides more advanced features such as log levels, log rotation, and log filtering, making it suitable for complex logging requirements. Consola, on the other hand, focuses on simplicity and provides essential features like different log levels, custom output streams, and log context.


Bunyan offers more customization options, allowing developers to configure log output format, serializers, and streams. Consola, while not as flexible, provides enough customization options to suit most logging needs.


Both libraries can be easily integrated into JavaScript and Node.js projects. Bunyan has broader community support and is often used in larger-scale projects and enterprise applications. Consola, being more lightweight and easier to use, is favored by developers in smaller projects and applications.


Bunyan is known for its high-performance logging capabilities, making it suitable for performance-critical applications. Consola performs well, but it may have a slightly higher overhead compared to Bunyan due to its additional abstractions and simplicity.