Head-to-Head: BootstrapVue vs Element Plus Analysis


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Bootstrap-Vue is a library that integrates Bootstrap 4 components and grid system with Vue.js, allowing developers to easily create responsive and visually appealing web applications. It provides a set of Vue components that are built on top of Bootstrap's CSS and JavaScript, enabling seamless integration of Bootstrap's design language with Vue's reactive and component-based architecture.


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Element Plus is a Vue.js UI library that provides a set of high-quality and customizable components for building modern web applications. It is a fork of the popular Element UI library, with a focus on improving performance, accessibility, and developer experience. Element Plus offers a wide range of components such as buttons, forms, tables, and dialogs, along with themes and plugins to enhance the user interface.


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Both Bootstrap Vue and Element Plus are popular choices for UI component libraries in the Vue.js ecosystem. They have a significant number of downloads and active communities. Bootstrap Vue has been around for longer and has a larger user base, while Element Plus has gained popularity more recently.

Integration with Frameworks

Bootstrap Vue is designed to seamlessly integrate with Bootstrap CSS framework, allowing you to use Bootstrap's UI components in your Vue.js projects. On the other hand, Element Plus is a standalone UI component library that provides its own styling, inspired by the Element UI library, and does not rely on any CSS framework.

Customization and Theming

Both libraries offer customization and theming options. Bootstrap Vue provides comprehensive theming support through Bootstrap's theming variables and SASS variable overrides. Element Plus also offers theming capabilities, allowing you to customize the appearance of components using CSS variables or importing custom styles.

Component Variety

Both Bootstrap Vue and Element Plus offer a wide range of UI components to cover different use cases. Bootstrap Vue includes components for layout, forms, navigation, modals, alerts, etc., following the Bootstrap CSS framework conventions. Element Plus provides a similar set of components, including forms, tables, dialogs, notifications, etc., with its unique design and style.

Community Ecosystem

Bootstrap Vue benefits from the extensive Bootstrap ecosystem, which includes additional CSS frameworks, themes, templates, and plugins. It has a large and active community, with many resources and tutorials available. Element Plus has a growing community and is backed by the Vue.js ecosystem, which provides additional tools, plugins, and resources for Vue.js development.

Developer Experience

Both libraries offer good developer experience and provide well-documented APIs and examples. Bootstrap Vue has clear and extensive documentation, suited for developers familiar with Bootstrap. Element Plus documentation is also comprehensive and provides Vue.js specific implementation details. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and familiarity with either library and their respective ecosystems.