Head-to-Head: Bignumber.js vs Currency.js Analysis


v9.1.2(about 1 month ago)

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BigNumber.js is a JavaScript library that provides arbitrary-precision arithmetic for working with large numbers. It allows you to perform mathematical operations on numbers with precision beyond the limitations of native JavaScript number types. BigNumber.js supports a wide range of mathematical functions and operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, and more.

Alternatives: decimal.js, mathjs, big.js

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v2.0.4(over 2 years ago)

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Currency.js is a lightweight library for working with currency values in JavaScript. It can parse, format and perform calculations with currencies, ensuring that you always have accurate and localized results. Currency.js works with a variety of currencies and has robust rounding and precision options. It is built to be compatible with other libraries, making it a versatile option for any project.

Alternatives: big.js, accounting.js

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Both BigNumber.js and Currency.js are JavaScript libraries that provide functionality for working with numbers and performing mathematical operations. BigNumber.js focuses on providing precise arithmetic operations for large numbers, while Currency.js is specifically designed for working with currencies, handling formatting, conversion, and manipulation of currency values.


BigNumber.js is a widely used library with a significant number of downloads and a strong developer community. Currency.js, while not as popular as BigNumber.js, still has a decent following and is actively maintained and improved.

Ease of use

Both libraries are relatively easy to use and have well-documented APIs. BigNumber.js provides a straightforward API for performing mathematical operations with big numbers, while Currency.js simplifies currency-related tasks with its intuitive syntax and currency-specific features.


BigNumber.js is known for its ability to perform precise calculations with large numbers, avoiding the rounding errors and limitations of native JavaScript number operations. Currency.js also ensures precision in currency calculations, with built-in support for decimal rounding and precision configuration options.


BigNumber.js has no external dependencies and can be used standalone. Currency.js, however, has a dependency on BigNumber.js, as it leverages its functionality for precise arithmetic operations when working with currency values.

Community Support

Both libraries have active communities and offer support on various platforms like GitHub. BigNumber.js has a larger and more established community due to its longer history and broader use cases, while Currency.js has a smaller but dedicated userbase centered around currency-specific workflows.